Bees and Carrots is a local food network site bringing people together in support of small farms, good food and community projects right here in our community. Whether you’ve come to Bees and Carrots in search of Greenleaf Veteran Gardens, a horticultural therapy project on South Calhoun Street;
the Little Sprouts Garden, an edible education program with Adams Elementary School; the Redemption House Victory Gardens; or the Slataper Street Farm,
you’re going to be amazed at all the very cool urban gardening initiatives happening in our city!

Together we improve our food system when we eat and grow healthy, fresh, affordable produce and there are lots of ways to participate in our local food network.
The Bees and Carrots network promotes locally grown food by providing information for and about local growers to the community.
We advocate for a regional food system approach, such as a food hub or farmers cooperative, that supports fair wages, insurance and safe working conditions for our local farmers.

You can help by educating yourself on
→ the economic advantages of supporting local growers;
→ social and physical benefits of eating locally grown food;
→ what matters to you in the foods you buy.
For on-the-go updates from our farms and gardens, find us on or /beesandcarrots.

dig your food!

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